Frequently Asked Questions


Who is BTP Communications?

BTP Communications is a Geelong Based Family Telecommunications Business established in 2009.

Where does BTP Communications Service?

BTP Communications services Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine Peninsula, Golden Plains (and surrounds/ in between) and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.

What is Telecommunications?

Telecommunications is your Phone, your Phone Line/s, your Internet, your Wifi, your Computer Network.

‘Tele’ = Far.

‘Communications’ = is basically anything that allows you to ‘talk’ to the outside world.

Your service provider (Telstra, Optus, etc) is responsible to connect your business outside up to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) on your premises.

You are responsible for your connection from the MDF to your phone, Internet, computer network.

This is where BTP Communications specialises!

We cable, maintain & can install your businesses equipment &/or services!

What is Data Cabling?

Also known as Network Cabling, Structured Cabling, Internet Cabling.

Most people have heard of Data Cabling but there is confusion on what it is, when it is needed & what it is used for.

Data Cabling is the connection and running of cables to connect services and devices to each other Most commonly data cabling is used to connect network computers, printers, VOIP Phones, Security Cameras, IP TV’s.⠀

Can Anyone Install Cabling?

No 🛑

“A Registered Cabler must perform telecommunications, fire, security and data cabling”

“Always use a Registered Cabler for work on phone, internet or #alarm cables in your home or work place”

This is direct from the Governments Regulator for the Telecommunications Industry, ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority).

Are BTP Communications Cablers Registered?

YES. Our cablers hold Open Registration Cabling Licences (No Restrictions).⠀
Whenever you have cabling installed at your premises ensure you see a copy of the cablers cabling licence or ask for their licence number (you can check it online) before any works commence.

What is VoIP / VoIP Phone

VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol.
A VoIP (also known as IP) Phone is similar to a landline, you can call any phone or mobile number but instead of calling over a ‘landline’ you are calling over your internet connection. You will need a VoIP Compatible Phone or VoIP Compatible Phone System as ISDN is turned off when NBN is connected at your premises.
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What is a Wireless Bridge Connection?

A wireless bridge is used to join your internet over long distances. Basically it sends your internet connection from point to point. An example is if you have a remote / standalone building or workshop/shed that requires an internet connection. It is still your internet connection, it is just a ‘bridge’ from your main internet point to wherever else you need internet. 

What is a Data Cabinet?

Also knows as Comms Cabinet, Network Cabinet.

Investing in a Data Cabinet is a good idea if working with technology is part of your everyday business. Keeping all your items safe and organised. Data Cabinets keep cords from tangling (also reducing OH&S risks), makes finding your tech items easier so faults can be diagnosed & rectified quickly. ⠀
So, what exactly is a Data Cabinet? Why do you need one and how do you use it?

A Data Cabinet is a storage cabinet to safely & securely organise the cables & equipment for your;
〰️ Phone System
〰️ Patch Panels
〰️ Switches
〰️ Modems / Routers
〰️ NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Data Cabinets can close completely (sides can be removed if needed), are lockable and can be floor or wall mounted 🔐

They come in various sizes according to your business needs ↕️↔️

Already have a data cabinet that’s in complete chaos? Don’t know what is where? Don’t Worry…Contact Us…we’ll have it neat, tidy, organised & tagged for you 🙌

For all your Data Cabinet needs Contact Us! We’ll advise and guide you through what suits your business..large or small👌 

What is a Server Rack?

Also known as a Server Rack Cabinet.

Similar to a Data Cabinet however a Server Rack is specifically designed to house and organise your businesses IT Equipment ⌨️🖥

These can include;
〰️ Computer Servers
〰️ Hubs
〰️ Everything a Data Cabinet Holds (see Data Cabinet Post)

Data Cabinets come in set depths whereas a Server Rack has more variety in sizes & can be customised for your business needs with as many or as few shelves as you require ✅

Given the equipment it holds, server racks are designed to maximise airflow & can be fitted with fans & other cooling equipment if required 🥵 ⠀
Server Racks come in various sizes, Free Standing or Wall Mounted, according to your business needs ↕️↔️

Already have a Server Rack that’s in complete chaos? Don’t know what is where? Don’t Worry…Contact Us…we’ll have it neat, tidy, organised & tagged for you 🙌

For all your Server Rack needs Contact Us! We’ll advise and guide you through what suits your business..large or small👌